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The Davinci IQ is one of the best vaporizers in the market. It comes with a replaceable battery, very low draw resistance, and great build quality. It is compact and one of top-rated dry herb vaporizers when it comes to concealment, ease of use and portability, draw experience, vapor taste and intuitive features.

There are tons of portable dry herb vaporizer but nothing comes close to the Davinci IQ that gives you this level of performance from a unit this small. The Davinci IQ is a benchmark in the vaporizer industry.

What’s Included

  • DaVinci IQ
  • 10 mm Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Battery
  • DaVinci Tool
  • Keychain Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Manual

Size, Build & Design

The Davinci IQ is one of the most portable dry herb/cannabis vaporizers out there. It can be easily concealed in your hands comfortably, into hoodies, and of course in your backpack too. But it is a very easy thing to carry around in your hand or pockets. It’s sleek and classy right from the start.

The Davinci IQ has a height 3.54 in / 89.92 mm, a width 1.65 in / 41.91 mm, a depth of depth 0.94 in / 23.88 mm. It weighs a 5.12 oz / 145 g with Battery. It has a very minimal and simple design with smart LED design that can show information about battery life and temperature.

The body is a brushed anodized aluminum shell. The unit is quite ergonomic the curves around the body make it easy to hold as well. The mouthpiece is ceramic with silicone gasket which gives an air-tight seal for maximum vapor production and clean flavor. This is a conduction dry herb vaporizer so it works better with a fine grind.

The filling chamber is located on the bottom of the unit. The vapor path, filling chamber, mouthpiece and almost every little section of the unit is made out of a ceramic called Zirconia. Zirconia has the highest mechanical strength. An incredibly durable product. The Zirconia also acts as a heat insulator, having a thermal conductivity of 1/10th compared to other ceramics.

This makes the Davinci IQ the best heat insulating, strongly built vaporizer in the market.

Battery Life

The IQ comes with a swappable 18650 batteries, which are very common, reasonably priced, and most other portable vaporizers also come with the same batteries. It has a USB charging port, making it easy to charge the unit anywhere. The average battery life is 50 - 80 minutes and has pass through vaping ability, which means you can use it while charging.

Vapor Quality & Mouthpieces

The unit performs best at the higher temperature settings, giving you dense, smooth and clean tasting vapor. The Davinci IQ is known especially for its zero harsh vapor and the pure flavor.

The IQ comes with 2 mouthpieces: One is a recessed one and the other is an elongated 10mm adapter, both made of Zirconia. The 10mm male adapter has the ability to cool down the vapor even further by attaching to a water pipe.

Smart Features, Smart Drawing Techniques and Heating

The Davinci IQ also comes with an app that you can connect with Bluetooth. The app gives you much more freedom and added features that are easy to control from the app. Now you can use it completely without the app, but using the app is recommended as it makes things easy.

The Davinci IQ comes with smart path temperature controls that can automatically increase the temperature during sessions. The heating element is smart and efficient and has the ability to produce dense and potent vapor.

The Davinci IQ comes with three different draw settings:

  • Precision Mode: This is where you can simply select any temperature ranging from 250° F - 430° F to 121° C - 221° C and enjoy your own way of vaping your dry herbs/cannabis. The IQ will maintain the temperature for 10 mins.
  • Smart Path Mode: The smart paths run from 350F to 430F with the first path ranging from 350F to 370F, second path 370F to 390F, and so on and so forth. Each path is programmed to gradually hit the max temperature about halfway through the session and maintain that temperature for the remainder. With the app, you can completely customize the temps on all 4 smart paths. This a feature that is absolutely amazing.
  • Boost Mode: The boost mode is sort of an on-demand setting that gives you a good hit over a period of however long you want. This depends on how long you will be drawing from the vape. You’ll notice arrows appear on the front of the IQ LED display signaling you that the unit is heating up. The heater will now slowly work its way up to a max of 430F as long as you continue holding the button, and as soon as you let off the temp will drop back down to the previous setting.

The App

With the app, you get tons of features and customizability options. The app also has a very clean, minimal user interface and is intuitive to use. You can access the Smart Path feature and customize them through the app.

You also have STEALTH mode which dims the light on the LED display.

The IQ also has an auto shutoff timer for turning off whenever it’s not in use for more than 10 minutes, and notifies you when the unit has heated up and ready to go or going to turn itself off.

Without the app, you won’t be able to customize the smart path sessions, turn off vibration alerts, or get device information like total usage time, average session length, average temp and favorite path. You also won’t be able to see the number of times you’ve used each of the smart path choices. So overall, it’s not a big deal if you don’t want to use the app, but at the same time, it adds some cool features so overall, we really like that they made the IQ app relevant but not necessary.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Overall the IQ is pretty quick and easy to clean, you will want to empty out the bowl after each use, and brush or blow out the chamber. This will help keep cleaning to a minimum. The flavor chamber needs to be cleaned the most often, and you can just slide it out, and drop it right into isopropyl alcohol let it soak for a few minutes, rinse it under warm under, wipe it dry and it will be good as new. The mouthpiece can be cleaned the same way.


10 years with DaVinci.


If you’re looking for something sophisticated, discrete, gives powerful, dense, satisfying vapor, with easy to clean and use, this is for you. The Zirconia vapor path produces some of the purest tasting vapor in the market.